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Hey everyone , first and foremost I just want to wish everyone a late happy holidays. After numerous of delays, difficulties and testing in terms of our major update, we are indeed happy and proud to announce that Axion Defense Version 1.1 is finally here, available to download on Windows (32 and 64 bits), Linux and Windows both universal (meaning that it's support both 32 and 64 bits processor).


Before, we told you all the details about our latest version to our game, I just want to take a moment to take a moment to extend a sincere and heartfelt apology to all the fans that been waiting for an update only to be disappointed that they're is no Axion Defense Version 1.1 neither any updates about the delay and I strongly believe that you, the fans, deserved an explanation.

Lyndon Street Gaming is currently run by one person who is not just the programmer and the game designer but also serve multiple roles as such programming and designing a game of this magnitude is though and does take a longer time than usual plus like all humans needed to take breaks as such task can become hard (such as updating enemies for each waves at each levels). I sincerely apologize again for the delay and I would try my best to mitigate the delays and run it efficiently as the previous.



The bug found in Axion Defense 1.0 whereas when players shoot some of the enemies but the weapon missed some and ended up to the "home base" thus reducing  the number of lives, the games hangs and the enemies stop spawning have officially been fix by reducing the number of lives from 10 to 3. While we do understand that this change may or may not impact the game depending on the skills of such players, I hope that by decreasing the lives to 3 would allow for more tactical and skillful play as it would significantly increase the difficulty of each levels.


As promise, I am happy to introduce to you two brands new weapons to the game! One is the atomic bomb launcher which able to launch atomic bombs towards enemies at a large strike radius of 50 with extremely lethal damage of 100 at a pretty short range of 25 while the upgraded atomic bomb have  twice the strike radius with the same damage at twice the range however bear in mind that this fire power come at a price (which started at ₽7500) plus if that doesn't discourage you then it might  be wise to know that the atomic bomb launcher have a pretty slow fire rate (like 0.05 and 0.1 for the upgrade) so yeah, use it widely. Another weapon I'm introducing is the mounted gun which able to shoot bullet at a rapid pace from a pretty decent range. (A fire rate of 2 and a range of 60 while double the fire rate and range for the upgraded mounted gun).  The mounted gun would be available for you to purchase from Level 20 while the atomic bomb launcher would be available to purchase from Level 30 so test your luck and see if you are lucky to get these two newest and coolest gadgets.


Along with the newest addition to your weapons arsenal, I have added 10 more newest levels to bring the total level count to 50 with increasing difficulty and with the lives have now been reduced to 3, all I could say is may the forth be with you. (Oh that's a Star Wars quote... and may be a trademark infringement... Gasp! Please don't sue me).


I know that the previous splash screen pretty much sucks, not to mentioned how unprofessional it's look so I've decided to do a massive overhaul on the splash screen into something more professional that fully represent the brand I wanted to be so after a few hours, I'm finally happy to present a brand new splash screen for Axion Defense 1.1 and all the future game from Lyndon Street Gaming. The video for the new splash screen can be found below.


As we published Axion Defense 1.1, there was a minor bug where as players press "PLAY" it shown a black screen with no level selector. This is because of a very small bug in the game and have been quickly fix with a new updated version, Axion Defense 1.1.1 which would be uploaded immediately after this post been uploaded. Further more, the next update post for this game would be my last as I would be moving forward in creating an untitled visual novel which would be episodic therefore the only update would be that I would work on the last 10 levels of the game until Axion Defense 2 which would be a massive upgrade to the original so stay tune to that.  


In other terms, I hope that you all enjoyed the updates as much as I have fun creating them and remember if you have any comments, feedback, suggestion, constructive criticism or you found a bug in the game then don't be hesitant to submit it at the comments down below , send us an email at or visit us on Facebook at Happy gaming!

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