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Hello to all the passionate players and fans of Lyndon Street Gaming! I hope you all are having a great Halloween weekend and if you are like some and don't really celebrate it because of various reasons... well I just hope you all are having a great weekend.

This is just a pretty small post of what Lyndon Street Gaming is pretty much doing since Axion Defense Version 1.0 been launched 21 days ago which includes updates, bug fixes, new levels, new items as well as new game plans for the future but before we listed our plans,  I would like from the bottom of my heart extend my deepest gratitude to all those that tried out our debut game, Axion Defense. We hope that you all are enjoying your game as well as giving your comments, feedback, suggestions and even constructive criticism, I would like to encourage everyone to please don't be hesitant to submit your feedback either by the's website, via Facebook at or via email at Thank you.

Now onto the updates!


It's have come to my attention that there is a bug on  the game, Axion Defense Version 1.0 where when players shoot some of the enemies but the weapon missed some and ended up to the "home base" thus reducing  the number of lives, the games hangs and the enemies stop spawning. This is due to an error at our end as the number of lives determined is not in correlation with the number of enemies however we are happy to announced that the bug is being fixed by reducing the number of lives from 10 to 3. Although this may result in some backlash, we hope that by reducing the levels to 3 would make the game even more competitive by tactfully laying out your weapons against the various enemies. This bug fix would be published as part of our next major update, Axion Defense Version 1.1,  which would be announced in the subsequent news below. 


We are happy to announced that our next major update, Axion Defense Version 1.1 is currently in the works with the release date being no later than the first week of November 2018. The updates would contain not just the big fix as mentioned above but also new weapons, new levels and other changes.

First of all, we are proud to announced that our next update will introduce two new weapons to your arsenal. These weapons are the atomic bomb launcher and our radar missile system, these two weapons would have a wide range,  a wider strike radius but more importantly, it's capable of performing massive damage to enemies... at a pretty steep price along with other restrictions. More information on the two weapons as well as it's specifications and more importantly the prices of the two weapons would be release when the update finally launched no later than the first week of November 2018.

Second of all, we would be introducing 10 new levels for all those who may have reach level 40 and yes... it can be either easy or extremely difficult depending on how skilled you are in the game.

Last but not least, we would be doing a massive overhaul of our splash screen since our current one... pretty much sucks, not to mentioned unprofessional. Our newer, sleeker and more professional splash screen would be first used for Axion Defense Version 1.1 and a preview of our splash screen would be launched just in time for the latest update.


Although the next major update to Axion Defense is currently in works, we are currently in planning stage of a new app that would be available on Android and iOS as well as a mature rated visual novel that would be in development in around 2019. Also some important news is that they're would be a privacy policy being implemented at Axion Defense 1.1 which would cover our usage of an analytical software called Unity Analytics that would be use to optimize your experience.

Well that it for our news and updates and please stay tuned on this devlog for any further updates. Until then, happy gaming!

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